A Guide to Running a XR Usability Study

  • Recruit participants who represent the future target user of your product (identifying user profiles is often a separate research project in user-centered design).
  • The farther along the product is in development, the less technologically sophisticated users need to be.
  • You can achieve important insights with as few as six participants.
  • To test social products, consider bringing in people in pairs. This can also be efficient for the researchers.
  • Welcome and pre-Hubs interview on how participants use technology (20 min)
  • Use Hubs on 3 different devices (40 min)
  • Closing interview on their impressions of Hubs (30 min)
  • Prioritize participant comfort
  • Signal that you are interested in their genuine feedbacK
  • Ask participants for consent to record them
  • Conduct pre-test and post-test interviews with participants to get the most insights
  • Allow time for people to get used to navigating menus and using the controller on new HMDs before testing your experience.
  • Direct quotes that convey the emotion of the user in the moment are an important tool of qualitative research
  • Pictures, videos, and screen captures can help tell the story of the users’ experiences
  • Be prepared to be surprised by user feedback



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Jessica Outlaw

Jessica Outlaw

Culture, Behavior, and Virtual Reality @theextendedmind